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The cozy buddy for play, cuddle time or just an awesome decoration for the kids room.

The idea behind walliman!

Individuality versus mass production:
We use recycled jeans as the main material, which is as unique as a fingerprint. Sometimes washed out, sometimes worn less. For uniqueness, one guitar's jeans pocket becomes the eyecatcher, for another one the seam defines the look. Carefully selected segments and an additional silk screen printing add individuality. Even the back side sports recycled fabrics — each available only for a limited time. All these efforts combined create a wonderfully unique piece. A walliman.
Like no other. Just like you.

We are proud to work with a knowledgeable senior staff that puts great emphasis in detail combined with a passion for craftmanship.
Recycled materials–locally manufactured. A truly sustainable product.


And soul.
Re-cycling is good. Re-using is even better.
Used jeans, linen and other fabrics are gathered and purchased exclusively from charities.
Then laundered professionally, each item is carefully prepared for its second life as a walliman!
Then we select organic certified material for the filling. We're proud to say, the entire piece plus all accessories are made in Germany.
Environmental awareness at its best.